About us

About us



Infinity Codes is full service digital agency based in Paris and Cairo. We provide creative digital solutions to bring your products and services to a wider public.

With our branding and user centered design, customers are engaged and brand awareness grows.

Our impressive client list trust us to deliver creative, interactive experiences for their customers across the whole range of web and mobile applications.

Infinity Codes, has been helping companies succeed in building their brand since 2013. Our goal from day one, regardless of platform, has always been focused on cleanly driven concepts, designs and products that easily convey our clients message while effectively driving business.

Our dynamic range of product offerings has grown organically and out of necessity to provide businesses with the tools they need to expand, resulting in a stronger brand and increased profit!


Leading companies worldwide choose Infinity Codes as their reliable partner

Over 74 of the largest companies and public institutions are Infinity Codes clients. Our long term close relationships with our clients gives us compettive experience in these sectors:

Education Public sector Food & drinks Medicine & pharmacy
Trade & e-commerce Finance & credits Manufacturing & branding
Tourism & leisure